A & E Collection snow editionThe Adolf & Eva Collection is an ensemble of mostly short stories in which I write about an event that may or may not have happened within the relationship between Adolf Hitler and his long-time girlfriend and eventually wife Eva Hitler, nee Braun. Their relationship is one that is shrouded in mystery and these stories are mostly self-indulgences for myself and anyone else who is interested in them. Theirs is a love that I thoroughly enjoy exploring and because so little is concretely known about the two it makes for great interpretation, inspiration and examination. While some of them may be written purely because I like to imagine a scenario like it occurring, in most cases I will attempt to stay true to their actual characters (though sometimes he may get a little fluffy).

* *

A message to those who are already invested in their relationship: you should know that I will not attempt to downplay any of the atrocities that he incited and allowed to happen under his regime. He made some horrific decisions and mistakes and I will not deny that he was involved in the genocide. So, in case you are one of those who thinks he wasn’t actually involved or responsible in the Holocaust, you might want to read with preparation.

A message to potential Neo-Nazis/National Socialists: I do not agree with any of his political ideologies. I am in no way in support of resurrecting a regime like his and I think his racist policies and what he incited with them were not okay.

A message to those who may be closed-minded: As I stated above, I am not a modern National Socialist. I do not share their ideologies. However, I am very interested in exploring the human side of Hitler. And if you’re one who refuses to believe that he was and had moments in which he acted and felt like any other normal human-being, do not read them. I do not portray or believe him to be the complete and total monster or the epitome of evil we so often are told he was. These stories explore Adolf the person (or, at least my view of how he might have been below the surface); not Hitler the dictator.

A message to anyone who simply disagrees: Great! Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a world where people can civilly disagree with one another? You can see him as nothing more than scum and I can see him as something more than what we’ve been given. And that’s just fine. We can still coexist next to one another without having to resort to childish behavior. If you would like to debate or converse with me amiably about any aspect of this, I would happily participate in a historical discussion with you. I’m always interested in what others have to say as long as they act like adults.

* *

With all of that said, I do hope you enjoy my stories about them. I am attempting to deliver something that perhaps is a little more fresh and interesting when it comes to reading or writing about Adolf Hitler and anyone who can appreciate this along side me has my utmost gratitude and friendship. Also, please note that this is all FICTION. I may use certain events that actually happened in order to put my stories into context but that is, unfortunately, all the truth there is behind them.

(Also note that I have been so kind as to rate them for you. I do not want anyone coming to me saying they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. Because you did. You were warned.)
K: completely safe, no explicit material what-so-ever
T: some light suggestive material, nothing too graphic
M: containing either detailed physical love scenes or  some kind of physical harm

☆ = author’s picks

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Delirium Wild 2

Physical passion, sexual fervor and unadulterated lust all rise to delirious levels behind the–hopefully–locked doors of the suit belonging to lovebirds Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun; but things have reached a new level after someone accidentally introduces bite play.
And it may have found a secure spot within the lovers’ repertoire.

Rated: M ☆


The Poetry of Innocence and Flowers

Why did he marry her when he knew full well it would end in her receiving her own death certificate? An introspective look on how they began and where they would end, told through his emotional thoughts and memories. He was to blame for he had become a monster.

Rated: T ☆


Fever Games V2Outside of her, it was endless lectures of absolutely no more of that. You’re done now. Enough acting like an adolescent. Then that clawing sense of sexual starvation would again start to flare up and had so little trouble convincing him after such a long absence, just do it, it’s been so long, no one else knows but her, and look at how exquisitely she blossoms beneath this. No one else knows.
And that damning curiosity roaring so loud in his ears again.

Rated: M ☆


Painting the Rose RedHe would then wonder: would she still give him those same words if she knew of everything he was doing? Would he remain a part of her dreams? Would she still receive satisfaction out of the little things like simply loosening his tie at the end of the day? Would she still be standing, waiting at the top of those stairs?

He didn’t think so.

Rated: T ☆


This was what addiction was, wasn’t it. This was obsession.

Rated: M




By the Reassurance in the »Everything«
Both had their limits; and neither one could refrain from pushing the lines and forcing a pressure against the other from time to time. Because in it, they found reassurance.

Rated: M



No More Tomorrows
He had been promised a victory and he had been lied to. He had been cheated and he had unwillingly cheated her and they had been cheated out of living out their lives madly and peacefully in love. They had been cheated out of everything.

Rated: T


An Addict & His Heroine

She was young, inexperienced, and in love. She was his muse; his fantasy; his drug; his heroine.

He was an addict; and she became his addiction.

Rated: M



In Death Never Will We Part
A simple glimpse into a typical night in the relationship between Herr Hitler and Fräulein Braun.

Rated: M



Another War Lost
Not even Adolf Hitler can win in an argument with his wife.

Rated: K




Sacchariferous Omen

Having been swallowed up by a world that instantly unfolded itself before them during these times–a world strictly off limits, impossible to find, completely unknown to anyone else–they stole sensations and delivered pleasures with one another in a constant delirium inducing exchange, intoxicating themselves past inebriation.

Rated: M


A Touch of Platinum
Unity Mitford is convinced she will obtain a position beside the Führer as his number one woman, unaware that it has already been filled. But Eva isn’t about to let her go unknowing.

Rated: T



Super Shorts

A collection of short one shots between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, located in one tidy spot for your convenience.

Your comfort and satisfaction are what we strive for most.



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