Adolf & Eva Collection: Super Shorts

A collection of very brief scenes between (mostly) Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, located in one tidy spot for your convenience. Your comfort and satisfaction are what we strive for most.
☆ = author’s picks

Superstition Syndrome: a New Year’s ritual predicts a gloomy future (Rated: K)

The Letter: some last words from a lonely forgotten lover (Rated: T) ☆

Just Another Morning: just another morning between Der Führer and his Dame (Rated: K)

The Birthday Card: you can’t eat your cake and make it, too (Rated: T)

Moving On: a spat between sisters over one’s lover (Rated: T)

The Other Side: there was another side to his story the world didn’t know (Rated: T)

Stalemate: this was war, requiring precision steps (Rated: M)